TMH expands Demikhovo Plant for maintenance services

EMU maintenanceTMH Demikhovo Plant continues to develop capacities for EMU maintenance activities to increase the capacity. This year, the plant will launch the maintenance of EP2D EMUs within “TR-3” specifications (Running Repairs – 3).

By mid-2021, the plant will expand its EMU maintenance capabilities enough to start accepting orders for the maintenance of EP2D EMUs, which it has been producing since 2015, in the “TR-3” concept. The road map of the project involves a partial remodeling of the shop, laying of additional track, and fine tuning of the maintenance practices.

By 2022, the TMH Demikhovo Plant expects to reach a “TR-3” maintenance capacity of 122 cars per year.

The purpose of the maintenance is to ensure performance properties and functions of the rolling stock remain within specifications throughout the next repair interval. EP2D EMUs must go through “TR-3” having travelled a total of 480,000 km. It involves an inspection and repairs of electric, braking, and pneumatic equipment, wheel pairs and motor bogies, as well as replacement of parts and components as needed. The cars also receive a fresh body-paint.

In the last three years, TMH Demikhovo Plant conducted maintenance services for 135 ED4M and ED4MK cars for Russian Railways and Central Suburban Passenger Company that in 2020 ordered seven 11-car electric multiple units for Moscow regional express services.

Since 2018, in addition to production of rolling stock, TMH’s plant in Demikhovo also conducts maintenance and repairs for trains of its own make.

In 2020, the plant has set up an additional 2400 square metres section developed for refurbishment activities of the rolling stock with 5 repair posts and all necessary equipment and accessories. At the beginning of 2021, one of the plant’s assembly lines has been reconfigured to handle overhauls of the ED4M EMUs.

As a result, the plant’s refurbishment capacities grew significantly and now amount to 200 cars per year.

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