Paris Olympics bonuses awarded by RATP to employees

The Paris Transport Authority (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens – RATP) has agreed to give employees bonuses for the Olympic Games.

Paris Olympics bonusesNegotiations between the unions and RATP management on bonuses for metro and train drivers on the Regional Express Network (RER) have been concluded and employees will be able to receive up to €2,500 per person.

The majority unions (FO and CGT) announced that they had reached an agreement with RATP management. During this week’s negotiations, it was agreed to propose a bonus of EUR 1,600 for employees mobilised between 22 July and 8 September, to which a bonus may be added according to days worked.

Olympic Games bonuses, subject to conditions

However, these bonuses will only be granted under certain conditions. It will, for example, be reduced by 50% if an employee accumulates five absences during this period. Similarly, if the number of days absent exceeds five, no bonus will be paid.

On the other hand, the EUR 1 600 bonus could be supplemented by another “exceptional event” bonus of EUR 44.10 per day worked on 12 metro lines and on RER routes A and B during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These exceptional bonuses may be received by 2 000 of the 30 000 employees who will work during the period in question.

Negotiations on this summer’s bonuses have been done on a job-by-job basis, depending on the importance of their role in the operation of the transport system as a whole. For example, the role of train drivers is crucial.

In order to ensure optimal operation of the Paris metro, some lines, such as Line 9, will be supplemented. In total, 19,000 RATP employees will be mobilised every day and 70% of summer holidays will be postponed. In compensation, employees will be able to take up to September 2025 a maximum of 11 days of leave not taken in 2024.

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