CRRC ZELC Verkehrstechnik GmbH (CRRC ZELC EUROPE) – connecting the world with environmentally friendly innovations

Innovations change the world: This motto drives the more than 10,000 employees of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd. (CRRC ZELC), our parent company in Hunan, China. Since 1936, CRRC ZELC has been constantly developing innovative technologies, vehicles and products for tailor-made transport solutions in the area of passenger and freight transport.



In December 2015, the European subsidiary – CRRC ZELC Verkehrstechnik GmbH (CRRC ZELC EUROPE) – was founded in Vienna, Austria. The Vienna office serves as a platform for international contacts, technical exchanges and services. Innovative technologies, such as hybrid engines, and tailor-made transport solutions remain our focus. In addition to the construction of vehicles, our service package also includes long-term maintenance and service of the projects through our 4S shops.
In only four years, CRRC ZELC EUROPE has already realized a considerable number of projects in Europe. A few examples being: the EMU project signed with the Czech private operator Leo Express in 2016, the shunting locomotive projects in Hamburg and Berlin with Deutsche Bahn (DB), the “Kleinstlok HH” project in 2017 and the “AZ Lok” project in 2018, as well as the supply of electricbattery main line and shunting locomotives for the OeBBowned freight operator Rail Cargo Hungaria in 2019. The shunters are intended to replace diesel locomotives in Hungary as a more environmentally friendly solutions.
The main line electric locomotives with batteries for “Last Mile” operation will be used in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria. The European subsidiary is committed to providing European customers with the most convenient, green and innovative rail transportation products and services, and strives to obtain a sustainable and better future for Europe.

Green and Innovative Technology

CRRC ZELC highly values technological innovation for delivering green transport solutions with a minimum amount of emissions. It has expanded its plant in Zhuzhou, Hunan, into China’s largest research location and production site for environmentally friendly electric locomotives. 25% of its 10,000 employees are engaged in research and development. CRRC ZELC has built national enterprise R&D centers and is the only company in China to have three National level laboratories – the state key laboratory for integration of high-power AC drive electric locomotive systems, state engineering laboratory for integration of rail transit vehicle systems, and the national industrial design center for rail transit vehicles.

CRRC ZELC has set up R&D institutions in China, Turkey, South Africa, and most recently, also in Austria. The company has mastered many cuttingedge technologies including system integration, AC drive, heavy-duty transportation, magnetic levitation, vehicle energy storage, super capacitor, low floor, fault prediction and health management. Along with other CRRC ZELC R&D institutes, the R&D center in Austria is also committed to improve public travel conditions by creating transportation vehicles that harmonize with the environment. The Austrian R&D center serves as a new platform for technological exchange and cooperation between CRRC ZELC and research institutions, universities, and enterprises in Austria and other European countries, promoting industrial, academical, research and practical development to realize complementary advantages, open sharing and win-win cooperation.


Customer Service

Due to the Vienna office’s geographic location, it can swiftly respond to European customers’ needs to provide them with a timely solution. The office maintains a close working relationship with every customer – from design to delivery – to assure that their performance requirements are met.

With modern 4S shops (sale, spare parts, service, survey) in several countries, CRRC ZELC is available to its customers around the clock. With maintenance and servicing throughout the entire life cycle of its products, CRRC ZELC aims at developing into a comprehensive service provider.


Product Portfolio

CRRC ZELC EUROPE focuses on three business areas: locomotives (mainline, shunting, engineering), multiple units (EMUs, DMUs, HMUs), and urban traffic vehicles (metro, tram, E-bus). Other innovative products and services include maglev, monorail and ultracapacitor super buses, as well as spare parts, after-sale and maintenance services.

Products of CRRC ZELC:

1. TSI-Compliant Electric Multi-System Locomotive for Europe – “Bison”

The “Bison” will serve as a platform for electric locomotives for the European market. The locomotive is TSI compliant and available in different configurations for both passenger and freight transport. Its base version features AC 15kV/16.7Hz, 25kV/50Hz with a 5.6 MW power rating and a max. speed of 160 km/h. It is available in a multi-system version and is also operable with a “Last Mile” power module. In 2019 CRRC ZELC EUROPE signed a supply contract of electric main line locomotives with adapted features and a “last mile” operation option with Rail Cargo Hungaria.


2. Leo Express EMU „Sirius“

In September 2018, CRRC ZELC EUROPE´s first EMU train exported to the EU – “Sirius” – arrived in the Czech Republic. Composed of 6 sections of marshalling, this kind of EMU train has a maximum running speed of 160 km/h. The train adopts DC3000V and AC25KV dualflow power received technology, to meet the requirements of voltage systems in different countries and regions in Europe. With intelligent control technology, it can adapt to diversified European operation modes, with functions of automatic stop, automatic wake-up, station adaptive parking, etc.


3. Kleinstlok HH in Hamburg for Deutsche Bahn, Germany

The Kleinstlok HH is designed to conduct shunting work and vehicle salvage on Hamburg´s S-Bahn railway network. The shunting locomotive possesses a combined diesel and battery hybrid drive system and can be operated emission-free in sensitive areas.


4. Tram in Haizhu District of Guangzhou (CNDDB)

The Tram used in Haizhu District represents a new type of rail transportation tool, using an ultra-capacitor as power supply unit. Over 85% of braking power can be transferred to electric energy for re-usage, making the overhead catenary unnecessary. The power will be charged during each stop. This results in lower construction costs, reduced engineering times and better integration within landscapes and urban environments. The vehicle adopts 4 modular formations, including 3 motor cars and 1 trailer car. The maximum operation speed is 70 km/h with a designed lifetime of 30 years. CRRC ZELC is committed to become a global leading provider of rail transit system solutions and is dedicated to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers and partners to shoulder the social responsibility of developing a low-carbon economy and jointly promote the progress of the global rail transit industry.

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