New Coradia Stream High Capacity trains for CFL enter overnight testing

After the approval tests of the 34 Coradia Stream High Capacity trains delivered by Alstom to the Luxembourg railway company CFL have been completed for the three-car configuration, tests will start on Monday for their multiple running in six and nine-car versions respectively.

Coradia Stream High CapacityCarrying out these tests will mean cancelling some trains after 23.00 between 29 April and 1 July 2024 on the Northern Line, specifically on the Luxembourg – Diekirch, Kautenbach – Wiltz and Luxembourg – Troisvierges routes, CFL said in a press release.

“In order to collect relevant data, we need to carry out these tests without other rail vehicles running, using the same catenary on the section concerned. That’s why the tests are carried out in night sessions, outside of regular passenger train traffic,” explained Mike Strotz, CFL’s project manager for the Coradia Stream High Capacity trainsets. The cancellation of certain trains at times when passenger demand is not high will allow CFL and its supplier Alstom the necessary time to carry out these tests and get the new trains into service quickly.

Increased comfort in the new Coradia Stream High Capacity trains

The phased entry into service of the 34 new trainsets ordered in 2018 from Alstom will enable CFL to offer 46% more transport capacity (in terms of seating capacity) by 2025-2026.

In addition to this, the older generation 2000 series (Z2) railcars will be progressively replaced, allowing a significant increase in the level of comfort on board trains (air conditioning, WiFi connection in the carriages, USB-C sockets, more seats for bicycles). The new trains will be put into service in the first half of this year in single version (three carriages). Completion of testing and commercial operation of the six- and nine-car configuration (multiple unit) is expected in the first half of next year.

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