First hydrogen tram put into operation in the South Korean city of Ulsan

The city of Ulsan in South Korea is preparing to mark a first in urban transport with the launch of the country’s first hydrogen tram.

hydrogen tramWith an investment of 23.5 billion won, equivalent to around EUR 16 million, the city of Ulsan is introducing hydrogen trams, promoting a sustainable energy transition. This ambitious project will be implemented in 2028.

South Korea is thus positioning itself alongside Malaysia and China as a pioneer in the construction of green public transport. Currently undergoing trials, Malaysia’s ART (Autonomous Rapid Transit) hydrogen tram, manufactured by China’s state-owned railway company CRRC, is expected to become operational next year. Using hydrogen as fuel, the tram will emit only water vapour, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.

Hydrogen tram tested with locals and tourists

To raise awareness of the new initiative in South Korea, free tests are planned in collaboration with Hyundai Rotem, the manufacturer of the prototype. These tests will allow locals and tourists to discover the potential of the hydrogen tram, marking a crucial step in getting it up and running.

In addition to the first line, which links Taehwagang and Jangsaengpo stations, the municipality of Ulsan, a city 300km from the capital Seoul, wants to expand the hydrogen-powered tram network. A second line is already planned for the region, with commissioning scheduled for 2029.

By launching this first tram, South Korea is positioning itself for innovation and progress.

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