Talgo wins new train contract in Egypt

The Egyptian National Railways awarded Talgo a EUR 280 million contract to supply seven intercity trains and provide maintenance services for a period of 15 years.

The new trains will be delivered starting in 2024 and will provide night transport services.

The Spanish manufacturer says that the enforcement of the awarded contract is subject to precedent conditions related to the financing of the project, which are expected to be met in the coming months.

The project includes the construction of the intercity trains at the Alava (Rivabellosa) and Madrid (Las Matas) plants, as well as their maintenance at Talgo’s existing facilities in Egypt.

The trains belong to the intercity car platform and will make it possible to offer long-distance services that will contribute to reducing carbon emissions in Egypt. The new trains to be delivered to Egypt are based on the same train platform Talgo is manufacturing for Denmark and Germany.

Under a contract signed in 2019, Talgo is already delivering daytime trains. The first six trains from are already being delivered and consist of a locomotive and up to 15 passenger cars each. They will be used by the Egyptian National Railways on the country’s backbone rail network, which goes practically parallel to the Nile River, connecting the Mediterranean port of Alexandria with Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost city.

This first project, which started in 2019 and is now being fully accomplished, reached a total amount of EUR 158 million, which includes not only the supply of the units being manufactured, but also their integral maintenance for 8 years.


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