India approves a new RRTS project

regional rapid transit system

The Government of Haryana, a North Indian state surrounding New Delhi, has approved the Delhi-Panipat regional rapid transit system (RRTS) to develop the railway transport in the region and to accelerate the economic development.

The RRTS corridor will have a length of 103 km and will be served by 17 stations. The proposed alignment will start at the Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminus in Delhi and will end at IOCL Panipat terminal in Haryana, where a depot will be constructed. According to the project details, the 100 km will be elevated while 3 km will be underground. A 10.6 km section will be constructed to provide the access to Gannaur depot.

Stations at key locations such as Kundli, RGEC, Gannaur and Samalkha will facilitate the ease of passenger transport across the region linking the cities of Panipat, Sonepat and towns of Kundli. It will also provide improved access to leading institutions such as the Rajeev Gandhi Educational University, Ashoka University, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (Sonipat Campus), or to the recreational hubs like Murthal.

According to the project details, the operating pattern may include both non-stop and stopping at all station journeys. The non-stop journey between Delhi and Panipat is expected to take 45-50 minutes.

The regional rapid transit system will be operated by 34 six-car trains initially and depending on the demand, the number of trains will be increased to 44 EMUs.

The line will accommodate trains running at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

The new system will provide access to the existing transport network such as the Delhi metro network, through the Delhi terminus, or to other MRTS corridors.

The Delhi-Panipat corridor has been proposed to create a cost-effective and world class transport solution to provide a much-needed relief to the NCR commuters and to discourage congestion within Delhi, a city bursting at its seams with inflow of population and strained resources and infrastructure.

The Delhi-Sonepat-Panipat project corridor is to be constructed in the states of Haryana and Delhi. Delhi and Panipat cities are currently connected through NH1 6/8 lane highway and Indian Railways trunk line.

In February 2019, India has approved the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut, an 82 km rail system. In April 2020, two construction contracts were signed, while in May the train contract was awarded. The project is estimated at USD 4.25 billion.

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