European funding for three railway projects in Poland

On 2 April, the European Commission awarded Poland a EUR 959.55 million funding from the Cohesion Fund to implement investment projects.
Under the Cohesion Fund, three railway projects with a total cost of EUR 497.45 million received a European financing of EUR 222.74 million.
EUR 126 million was provided for the construction of Szczecin suburban railway with use of the existing lines No. 406, 273 and 351. The total value of this project is EUR 182.47 million. The project concerns the construction of the fast city rail system called Szczecin Metropolitan Railway, which will connect main municipalities of the West Pomerania region using the existing layout of railway tracks and stations benefitting around half million inhabitants by 2022. The project includes the modernisation of 23.7 km of line 406 and construction of 10 passenger stops and and modernisation of 30 stations.
EUR 57.9 million from the Cohesion Fund will finance the modernisation of PKP Intercity rolling stock fleet. EUR 219.65 million is the the total value of the project and includes the modernisation of 152 passenger cars and the procurement od 20 new electric locomotives.
The third rail project received a EUR 38.74 million financing for the purchase of new EMUS by the Mazovian Railway (Koleje Mazowieckie). The total value of the project is EUR 95.33 million and consists of the acquisition of 16 five-car EMUs. They will enter services in the Warsaw agglomeration area, mainly on Zielonka –Tłuszcz, Warszawa Rembertów –Zielonka and Warszawa Wileńska –Zielonka railway sections.
For rolling stock fleet modernisation, Koleje Mazowieckie signed a PLN 2.2 billion (EUR 511.5 million) contract with Stadler for the supply of 71 new Flirt EMUs equipped with ETCS level 2.
Also, in April, the Polish operator ordered additional 12 five-car Flirt EMUs form Stadler Polska with a total value of PLN 405 million (EUR 94.2 million).

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