Koleje Mazowieckie orders 12 additional Flirt EMUs

The Marshal of the Mazovian Province, on the behalf of Koleje Mazowieckie, and Stadler Polska signed a PLN 405 million (EUR 94.2 million) contract for the supply of 12 five-car Flirt EMUs. Under the contract, Stadler will offer maintenance services, repair kits and staff training. The new trains will run on the Sochaczew-Warszawa-Celestynów route.
“This contract is another step towards the development of Koleje Mazowieckie, the largest railway operator in Mazovia. The new trains will offer safer and comfortable transport services. They will be equipped with air-condition system, visual and audio information systems, and will be adapted to the needs of passengers with disabilities,” Marshal of the Mazovia Provinc,e Adam Struzik, said.
The vehicles, which will be designed to run at speeds of 160 km/h, will be equipped with ETCS level 2.
The first, with the vehicles will enter services in the second quarter of 2020. The remaining ones will be delivered successively until the end of 2020.
This contract is the continuation of the contract signed in January 2018 with Koleje Mazowieckie for 71 Flirt trains.

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