Companies seek federal funding for Dallas – Houston HSR

Dallas – Houston high-speed lineTexas Central Partners and Amtrak are seeking opportunities to advance planning and analysis work associated with the proposed Dallas – Houston high-speed line to further determine its viability.

The two companies have submitted applications to several federal programmes in connection with further study and design work for the potential of Dallas – Houston rail line, including the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure Safety and Improvements (CRISI) grant programme, the Corridor Identification and Development program, and the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail (FSP-National) grant programme

The proposed 286 km lime would offer a total travel time of less than 90 minutes between two of the top five major U.S. metropolitan areas and would complement future, new and improved corridor and long-distance service in the southern region.

Amtrak has worked with Texas Central since 2016 when it entered into agreements to provide through-ticketing using the Amtrak reservation system and other support services for the planned high-speed rail line.

“This high-speed train, using advanced, proven Shinkansen technology, has the opportunity to revolutionize rail travel in the southern U.S., and we believe Amtrak could be the perfect partner to help us achieve that,” Texas Central Chief Executive Officer Michael Bui said.

When complete, the Dallas – Houston high-speed line will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 100,000 tonnes per year, saving 86,892 tonnes of fuel annually while removing 12,500 cars per day from I-45 Interstate Highway.

Construction and operations of the proposed high-speed rail line would bring significant economic benefits to the region, including thousands of well-paying construction jobs and nearly one thousand long-term, skilled operations and maintenance positions.

“If we are going to add more high-speed rail to this country, the Dallas to Houston Corridor is a compelling proposition and offers great potential,” said Amtrak Senior Vice President of High-Speed Rail Development Programs Andy Byford.
Amtrak has cooperated with Texas Central on various initiatives since 2016 and the two entities are currently evaluating a potential partnership to further study and potentially advance the Dallas – Houston high-speed rail project which will allow trains to run at 330 km/h.

Texas Central is currently undertaking the development, design, construction, finance, and operation of the new high-speed passenger train line connecting Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth, unsing Shinkansen HSR technology. In 2021, the Texas Central and Webuild-Lane Construction signed a USD 16 billion contract for the construction of the high-speed line between Dallas and Houston which will be operated by Renfe.

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