Victoria orders additional VLocity trains

Victorian Government has ordered additional VLocity DMUs from Bombardier Transportation to meet growing demand for Melbourne regional rail services.
Bombardier is expected to begin building the new trains next year, before they are delivered to the network in 2021.
At the end of 2017, Bombardier won a contract for the supply of 27 additional VLocity diesel multiple unit railcars to Transport for Victoria bringing the total fleet to 264 railcars of 88 three-car trainsets. AUD 146 million (USD 112 million) was the total value of the contract.
The new trains will achieve over 69% local content, support over 600 jobs across the rail industry and help meet the demands of the regional rail network.
The VLocity trains are designed to operate at a maximum speed of 160 km/h and carry over 230 passengers per train.
The new trains are part of the AUD 340 million (USD 233.24 million) investment in the Victorian Budget 2019/20, to purchase up to 18 new three-carriage trains. The new VLocity trains will include the latest technology including accessibility improvements and mobile phone signal boosting technology.
As well as building new modern trains, the AUD 50 million (USD 34.3 million) are invested to refurbish 75 trains in the existing VLocity regional train fleet, including new seat coverings and padding, and other minor repairs.

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