Uzbekistan Railways received two TMH electric locomotives

Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ), part of Transmashholding, handed over Uzbekistan Railways two electric 3ES5K locomotives with individual traction power regulation at axles.

The contract for the supply of the three-unit locomotives was signed in mid-2018.

The three-unit “Yermak” locomotive can drive very heavy trains, including those on tracks with significant down-grade. The three-unit 3ES5K electric locomotive consists of two leading (trailing) units and a booster unit, which is produced without a driver’s cab. The booster unit has a set of equipment, which provides electric locomotive’s operation in traction and regenerative braking modes, controlled by a single locomotive crew from a driver’s cabin in the leading or trailing unit. The electric locomotive has a gangway from the driver’s cab of the leading unit to the driver’s cab of the trailing unit via the booster unit.

The 3ES5K electric locomotive is running also on East Siberian Railway, Far Eastern Railway, and Trans-Baikal Railway networks, as well as on the Odessa Railway network, in Ukraine.

By now, NEVZ produced 897 electric locomotives of 3ES5K model.

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