UTLC might be reorganized

RZD has proposed a new scheme of assets split in United Transport and Logistics Company (UTLC). At present, RZD owns a 99.8% stake in UTLC, while Belarusian Railways and Kazakh national railway operator Temir Zholy each own 0.1%. RZD has submitted proposals concerning UTLC’s reorganisation to the Russian federal property management agency Rosimushchestvo, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Transport.
RZD has proposed to establish three companies: UTLC Eurasian Alliance (UTLC ERA), UTLC Logistics and UTLC Finances. According to the proposals, the partners would get a 33.3% stake each in the operating company UTLC ERA. In both UTLC Logistics and UTLC Finances, RZD would own a 100% stake minus one share, and UTLC would own one share.

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