UTLC ERA and two European companies to launch new multimodal shipping service

UTLC ERA, Rostock Port GmbH and Consorzio ZAI Interporto Quadrante Europa logistics terminal of Verona, Italy, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate more closely in the area of multimodal container transport between China and Europe and to further increase capacities in cargo transport by rail.
Under the agreement, the container shipments will be sent by the logistics centre in Verona, Italy, to Rostock, Germany, from where they will be forwarded on a short-sea route to the Russian Baltic port of Kaliningrad. The containers will then continue on the main UTLC ERA rail route with the company being responsible for the entire terminal-to-terminal transport service on this 1520 mm rail gauge.
“Multimodal solutions allow us to provide much sought door-to-door cargo delivery services to our clients. Besides this, they help solve the problems that arise, for example, due to bottlenecks that are caused by maintenance work on the tracks and that lead to slower train speeds. This new route makes it possible to offer a genuinely customer-oriented services with shorter delivery times. The port in Kaliningrad can currently process up to eight trains a day and is connected to the entire Baltic Sea region via short-sea links. As many as 40 trains passed through the port in December 2018 and we can further increase the traffic volume to help realize its full capacity,” Alexey Grom, UTLC ERA President, said.

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