Union Pacific: USD 20 mil for the rehabilitation of a rail line in Illinois

UPUnion Pacific Railroad will invest more than USD 20 mil in Illinois’ railway infrastructure, in the rail line between Chester and Illinois/Missouri border. The project, funded entirely by Union Pacific without taxpayer dollars, began May 25 and is scheduled to be completed mid-October.
The railroad will replace 71,800 railroad ties, install 30,000 tons of rock ballast and replace nearly 15 miles of rail. In addition, crews will repair the surfaces at 43 road crossings. The project is one of nearly 1,500 Union Pacific will complete across its 32,000-mile network this year to help improve train operating efficiency, reduce motorist wait times at crossings and enhance safety.
The railroad plans to invest USD 119 mil in 2015 to improve Illinois’ transportation infrastructure. The planned investment covers a range of initiatives: nearly USD 105 mil to maintain railroad track, USD 5 mil to enhance signal systems and USD 9 mil to maintain or replace bridges in the state.

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