Ukrzaliznytsya opens its car-repair plants to private sector

Ukrzaliznytsya’s Director of business development, Andrey Ryazantsev, has announced that the company offers access to private operators for the maintenance and repair of freight cars at its own plants. The announcement was made during a meeting with private rolling stock owners, where three railway car repair factories of Ukrzaliznytsia presented their abilities.
The plants are able to provide equipment for maintenance and repair of different freight cars such as gondolas and platforms and will soon be adapted for hopper car production. Also, at its own plants, Ukrainian Railways can carry out repair activities of any complexity.
“Ukrzaliznytsia begins to reorient itself by providing different services to private operators. We propose to use our plants for the repair and maintenance of cars. We are ready to serve them with current and planned repair activities, because we have great potential and experience. The liberalization of the railway market has led to an increase in the number of private freight wagons,” Ryazantsev said.
In 2017-2019, the private rolling stock increased from 55.5 thousand units to 78.3 thousand, representing a 41% increase. In the same time, Ukrzaliznytsya’s operating fleet has decreased by 6%, from 61.5 thousand freight cars to 57.7 thousand.
This year, the company intends to increase the share of external repair services from 40 to 46%, compared to 2018.
Taking into account the need of the development of domestic economy, to renew freight car fleet, Ukrzaliznytsia is ready to manufacture freight wagons not only for itself but also for the market of private operators. Over the past two years, Ukrzaliznytsia’s factories have produced about 5 thousand cars, representing 30% of all new cars in Ukraine.
“We are ready to produce new cars from our own materials as well as from the customer’s materials, if the client wants. We also offer financial companies and banks to develop credit and leasing services for the purchase of manufactured cars,” said Andriy Ryazantsev.
Ukrzaliznytsia has released a general catalog of all products, works and services that can be carried out by the factories, ranging from spare parts to new wagons.

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