Ukrzaliznytsya to cooperate with General Electric

General Electric and Ukrzaliznytsya have signed a letter of intent in Kyiv for cooperation to modernize existing diesel locomotives and manufacture new ones with significant localization in Ukraine with Ukrainian components and production facilities. The strategic partnership with General Electric will enable Ukrzaliznytsia to predict reliably locomotive availability, to have high quality guarantees of modernization of existing rolling stock and advanced digital technologies in the construction of new ones.
The first contract for the renewal of the locomotive park of Ukrzaliznytsia will be concluded in September this year. General Electric will select a proper production facility – one of the Ukrainian enterprises – to localize locomotive assembly in Ukraine. Ukrzaliznytsya plans to cooperate with General Electric on the production and modernization of diesel locomotives for the next ten years. The locomotives will be used primarily for the heaviest traffic lines, such as Komish-Zorya-Volnovaha, as well as for the elimination of bottlenecks on the way of cargo transportation towards sea ports.