U.S. public transport needs USD 232 billion

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) announced that the country’s critical public transport needs at least USD 232 billion investments. The value was derived by combining the amount necessary to bring bus and rail assets to a state of good repair, projects currently in the Capital Investment Grants pipeline, and additional priority projects identified by public transit agencies around the country.
These investments are necessary to provide safe, reliable and convenient public transport and to meet the mobility needs of communities of all sizes. The public transport investment yields a 4-to-1 return to the U.S. economy.
“We’re pleased to see that both Congress and President Trump have said that an infrastructure bill is a major priority. Significant investment in public transportation will strengthen our communities and advance a better quality of life for residents,” said David Stackrow, APTA Chairman.
The report includes APTA member-specific data on regional and local public transportation projects in the U.S., from those in need of major repair or maintenance to new priorities including terminal constructions and electric bus fleets. Members identified more than USD 5 billion in cutting-edge electrification projects that would modernise systems nationwide.
The federal government’s primary method to fund new public transit capacity is the FTA’s Capital Investment Grant Program. Since 2012, the program averaged USD 2.16 billion in annual appropriations. There are USD 51.2 billion worth of projects in the pipeline waiting to receive funding.
APTA’s members identified 169 additional projects from 55public transport agencies, totaling USD 91 billion.

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