Turkey invited to join Viking Train

During a meeting of the Lithuanian-Turkish joint commission, Turkey was suggested joining the international “Viking Train” project. “Lithuania is interested in developing an efficiently functioning international transport and logistic chain, and this goal is pursued through continued development of intermodal multilateral projects and through invitation of Turkey for closer cooperation,” Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Ričardas Degutis, said.
The system of intermodal transport is expected to facilitate international carriage of goods, connect the transport networks of Eastern Europe, the Baltic Sea Region, the Back Sea Basin, the Middle East and the Caucasus, and more efficiently use the opportunities provided by the “Viking” project.
Viking Train is a joint project of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine railways, stevedoring companies in Klaipeda, Odessa and Ilyichevsk seaports, connecting Baltic and Black seas with railways.
In 2016, Azerbaijan has joined the international railway project Viking Train, which will boost country’s trade and transport potential.
Klaipėda (Draugystė)-Vilnius-Minsk-Kiev-Ilyichevsk is the main route, with a length of 1734 km that is covered in 54 hours.
Also in 2016, the first trial train connecting Baltic Region to Central Asia was launched. The freight cars of Viking Train running between the Baltic Region and the Black Sea crossed the Black Sea and to Central Asia via Georgia. Four countries, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Ukraine agreed on special tariffs on this corridor.

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