Transport Ministers call for a universal action to fight climate change

During Inland Transport Committee (ITC) event held in Geneva, the Transport Ministers signed a Declaration make a united call for universal action to address the climate and environmental emergencies.

Inland Transport Committee (ITC), UNECE’s highest policy-making body in the field of transport, discussed in Geneva the environmental challenges to sustainable inland transport.

The declaration articulates a united call to transport leaders and global initiatives, starting with the Second Global Sustainable Transport Conference to take place on 5-7 May 2020 in Beijing, to further strengthen the sustainable development of global transport and catalyse the commitment to the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

‘The ITC is uniquely positioned to be a leader in this urgent effort to combat climate change by improving the sustainability of transport. With the ITC’s seven-decade history of bringing governments together to create safer, more comprehensive and accessible mobility, strengthening its work to ensure greener transport will be a critical dimension of efforts towards our shared 2030 objective,’ said Yuwei Li, the Director of the Sustainable Transport Division of UNECE.

The Declaration recognises the Committee’s relevance as a main avenue of the international efforts to find solutions for these challenges and by calling upon world transport leaders to embrace and intensify their support for the work of the Committee as the UN Platform for Inland Transport, to the benefit of the global community.

The Transport Ministers and High-level officials discussed on issues relating to adaptation measures to climate change, emissions mitigation and the role of the Committee to harness international cooperation to fight climate change.

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