TMH delivers CPPK six electric trains

EP2D EMUsTransmshholding has completed the first delivery of six EP2D EMUs in 2021 to the largest suburban railway carrier in Russia, the Central Exurban Passenger Company (CPPK). The trains are manufactured by the Demikhovsky Machine Building Plant, part of TMH.

Under an active contract, the plant has already manufactured 6 Class EP2D EMUs in the 11-car version. By the end of this year, the rail operator will receive 13 more Class EP2D EMUs.

The interiors of the cars feature comfortable seats, made of wear–resistant materials, firm handrails, and bike racks. Each car is equipped with a microclimate system with an air disinfection function. Additionally, the cars have USB power sockets and eco-friendly lavatories. The accessibility options include folding ramps and wheelchair mounts. All information plates are doubled in braille.

The class EP2D EMUs are in commercial operation on the rail routes of Kievskoe, Rizhskoe, Kurskoe, Belorusskoe, and Savelovskoe part of the of the Moscow Railway network.

Central Exurban Passenger Company first ordered these EMUs in 2016. Since then, 120 eleven–car EP2D EMUs joined the operator’s train fleet.

In 2019, CPPK ordered a total fleet of 27 electric trains. In the spring of 2019, the suburban rail operator has signed a contract for the supply of 21 eleven–car electric multiple units, comprising 18 high platforms trains and 3 with folding walkways for access to high and low platforms. In November 2019, it has placed an order for six additional vehicles.

Last year, the Russian operator has ordered 10 additional EP2D electric trains for suburban rail services.

The EP2D is a DC electric train that combines modern look, performance, and high level of comfort and it complies with toughest standards for passenger transport safety. According to TMH, the total cost of ownership over a 30–year life cycle is 20–50 per cent lower compared to modern Russian counterparts.


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