Trams in Odessa modernised by engineers from the Republic of Moldova

A team of engineers from the Republic of Moldova has recently completed the modernisation of three trams in Odessa with components they produced.

trams in OdessaThe trams underwent an aesthetic and technical upgrade programme, and the team of engineers from the Republic of Moldova contributed to the technical part.

The Moldovan engineers supplied the electric motor management components, replacing over a ton of old, inefficient equipment with their modern machines, which weigh less than 100 kg and improve consumption efficiency usually more than double if the previous systems are of the old type with huge reostate. At the same time, all three trams have been fitted with a new on-board computer, which monitors all parameters in real time and displays the information on a new digital dial, which also replaces the function of the previous mechanical speedometer.

The three trams in Odessa modernised and presented to the public

Thus, trams with old bodies have become vehicles equipped with a modern, digitally-efficient electric propulsion system at much lower costs than the production of a completely new tram. The refurbished trams in Odessa were unveiled to the public recently on the occasion of the southern Ukrainian city’s Day.

The same team of engineers involved in modernising Odessa’s three trams produced the first electric bus in Moldova. The group of engineers originally planned to build an electric bus production plant at the former Tracom factory in Chișinău.

The team of Moldovan engineers has extensive experience in the production of key components for electric buses, trolleybuses and trams, with their products now used in over 120 cities worldwide.

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