The first GE locomotive arrives in Ukraine

On September 11, Ukraine Ministry of Transport has announced that the first of the 30 GE locomotives has arrived. In 2018, GE and Ukrainian Railways signed a USD 1 billion agreement for the supply of 30 GE Evolution Series locomotives, including additional locomotives over the next 10 years and the modernisation of locomotives in the railway’s legacy fleet, as well as long-term maintenance services.
In July 10, 2018, GE presented Ukrainian Railways the new locomotive.
The production for the first 30 locomotives is taking place in the U.S., with final assembly and other work localized in Ukraine to bolster job creation and economic development in the country.
The TE33A locomotive features a 12-cylinder, 4,500-horsepower Evolution Series engine, delivering high power output, enhanced productivity, greater flexibility, lower lifecycle costs, and improved reliability in heavy-haul operations. Compared to the legacy Ukrainian fleet, the TE33A can significantly reduce harmful emissions, economize on fuel and oil costs, and increase time between maintenance overhauls.

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