Thales unveils the next CBTC generation

SelTrac G8Thales has presented its eighth generation of SelTrac CBTC technology, the SelTrac G8, for urban, metro and light rail networks which incorporates the latest technology and innovative features to support operators to meet traffic demand and reduce maintenance costs.

“With this new generation of the SelTracTM system, Thales is supporting the digital transformation of urban rail operators by delivering an innovative solution that includes the latest technologies and paves the way for the autonomous train operations of the next 30 years and beyond,”Alcino de Sousa, VP, Managing Director, at Thales Urban Rail Signalling.

The rail operators face many challenges including keeping pace with rapidly evolving technology. While a signalling system may have a lifespan of 30 years or more, the hardware and software on it, can become obsolete much more quickly. They also need ways to manage the lifecycle of their systems.

The SelTrac G8 innovative solution includes a set of advanced features that allow public transport operators to manage network growth, extensions, and fleet expansions as well as prepare for the future and control operations.

The new technology has a new digital architecture with flexible options designed to minimise the amount of trackside equipment required. Transport operators who will deploy SelTrac G8 can benefit from lifelong system improvements, by simply upgrading the software.

The G8 platform can also provide an upgrade to existing SelTrac systems and offers investment protection by enabling seamless future technology insertion for performance upgrades or obsolescence management.

This state-of-art solution determine enhanced services to support operators to achieve 100% availability and on time service. Services capabilities include health monitoring features for leaner maintenance teams and faster response capability, increased resiliency to failure with greater visibility of seamless hardware and software enhancements to extend the system life with no interruption to operations.

Among other improvements, the SelTrac G8 platform is autonomy ready. One of the autonomous capabilities is designed to make both greenfield and brownfield CBTC deployments faster and easier than ever, with rapid train conversion and minimal trackside equipment.


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