Teleste presents new solution for rapid data transfer for the rail industry

04-telesteTeleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, announced its new technology for extremely rapid wireless transmission of data, which is optimized for the needs of the rail industry and public transportation. The technology allows wireless full-duplex transmission of video and data at a speed of more than four gigabits, and brings remarkable benefits for rail and mass transit operators in terms of operational efficiency and taking full advantage of their on-board video security systems.

Teleste’s new multi-gigabit wireless full-duplex data transfer technology offers the rail and public transportation industries extremely reliable, high-capacity wireless connectivity. The technology reaches over four gigabit vehichle-to-ground and inter-carriage transmission speeds with minimal interference in transmission.

Higher transmission speeds make it possible for the operators to easily manage the large amount of on-board video and data, e.g., by accessing the recordings through wireless connection and offloading them to central storage automatically within the short while that vehicles stop at the station. By ensuring that on-board video recordings can be managed from the operation center, the technology brings operators significant benefits in terms of improved operational efficiency, reliability and situational awareness.

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