Syntony to provide GPS solution for New York metro

New York City Transit awarded Syntony a contract to install its SubWAVE solution which allows the use of standard GPS receivers to locate in underground areas, such as metro stations or tunnels, road tunnels, and even underground mines.
Being located in such confined areas is even more critical than outside, in particular in emergency situation (e.g. call of 112 in Europe) when rescuing time save lives! This is exactly what the SubWAVE system allows. In addition, providing localization in these environments, allows many use-cases: locate the metro by GPS to improve the reliability of the passenger information systems, locate the maintenance agents on the tracks to protect them against any accident, guide the passengers in the underground areas, etc.
SubWAVE solution allows to locate the technical staff and users in underground areas and thus guarantee their safety. Additionally, the operator can also improve operational performance by locating costly assets and track spotted defaults on rack.
The contract with the New York Metro is very emblematic, by the size of the system, and the very high level of requirements of the MTA – the Metropolitan Transit Authority and its integration partner, Fujitsu Network communications.

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