Sydney Metro opens new concourse at Central Station

Central station concourseSydney Metro has opened Central station concourse part of upgrade works of Australia’s busiest railway station. The North-South concourse is 140-metre long and 27-metre wide and is a transition zone linking Central Walk, the 80-metre-long and 19-metre-wide underground pedestrian link which opened last month, and the northern concourse.

There will be three new retail spaces in the North-South concourse area, along with back-of-house areas for Sydney Trains and Sydney Metro.

The Central station concourse area features a prominent ‘racetrack’ art piece by artist Rose Nolan, which reflects on Central station’s built heritage with nods to the former ticketing office and brickwork of the northern concourse facades.

In 2024, the new concourse will provide customers direct access to the metro platforms 27-metres below the surface where they can join fast and reliable metro services from Central station to Chatswood station in 15 minutes, to Victoria Cross station in North Sydney in 9 minutes and a day out at Barangaroo will be a direct 6-minute metro ride away.

The location of the metro platforms at Central will facilitate a critical interchange, fully connecting the station with suburban, intercity and regional rail services, buses, coaches and light rail. The work includes new underground Sydney Metro platforms at Central beneath platforms 13, 14 and 15, escalators directly to suburban platforms for the first time and the upgraded northern concourse with transformed pedestrian thoroughfares and feature roof.

The Central Walk is a new underground pedestrian concourse at Central station that will better connect passengers to trains, light rail and the new Sydney Metro underground platforms.

Central station is part of City & Southwest metro line connecting Chatswood and Bankstown.

Sydney Metro services started in May 2019 in the city’s North West with a train every four minutes in the peak. The metro system will be extended into the CBD and beyond to Bankstown, with new CBD metro railway stations at Martin Place, Pitt Street
and Barangaroo and new metro platforms at Central. By 2030, Sydney will have four metro lines, 46 stations, and a 113 km metro network. There will be ultimate capacity for a metro train every two minutes in each direction under the Sydney city centre.

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