Šveicarija-Žeimiai section design on Rail Baltica to be proposed

Šveicarija-Žeimiai sectionIdom, which is responsible for Rail Baltica detailed technical design for the Kaunas-Ramygala section will present in July the design proposals for Sveicarija-Zeimiai section on Lithuania’s territory.

The 12.2 km Sveicarija-Zeimiai section includes two road viaducts, one railway viaduct and one road underpass, two regional stops and one passing loop. The Jonava-Čičinai-Smičkiai, Rogožiai-Čiūdai-Kulva, Jonava-Kėdainiai-Šeduva roads will intersect with the railway via overpasses and underpasses. There will be no single level crossings throughout the whole Rail Baltica line to guarantee security of the railway and people. Four local roads will be closed on this section. To cross the railway, people will be able to use 4 road crossings, on average every 3 kilometers in this section.

Special scientific modeling is being used to ensure appropriate noise reduction where needed by implementing special dampening measures and building noise barriers. This section will have a total around 746 m of noise barriers. Additionally, 3 passages will ensure that animals will be able to safely cross underneath the railway.

One exceptional piece of engineering in this section will be the rail bridge over the Neris river. With more than 1.5 km long, it will be the longest railway bridge in the Baltic States. Due to environmental concerns, there will be no supporting structures in the river itself, of over 150m.

The detailed technical design for section Kaunas-Ramygala will be completed in 2021. The Lithuanian railway infrastructure manager had already begun preparations for the construction services tender. Construction is also expected to begin in 2021.

The EUR 6.98 million design contract for Kaunas-Ramygala was signed in April 2019 by the RB Rail AS and the Spanish company Idom Consulting.

In January 2020, site investigation for the Kaunas-Ramygala rail section was completed. The line will be 78-km long, comprising of 4 railway bridges, 7 road viaducts, 11 railway viaducts and 3 animal crossings.


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