Successful test run for the 3ES5S electric locomotive

The 3ES5S electric freight locomotive, manufactured at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ), part of Transmashholding, has completed the 5,000-km test at the Railway Research Institute – VNIIZHT, in Shcherbinka, near Moscow. During testing, the locomotive showed full compliance with the specifications. The operation of the traction system at speeds to 120 km/h under a loan of 5,400 tonnes was tested. The results of the test run are evaluated positively. Currently, the locomotive is being tested to verify the electromagnetic compatibility at Shcherbinka, and after the completion, dynamic tests will be carried out at Belorechenskaya depot, of North Caucasus Railway. The 3ES5S freight locomotive is a 3-section version of the 2ES5S locomotive. The locomotive is designed to haul 7,100 tonnes running at speeds of 120 km/h. The locomotive is using up to 85% local components including a traction converter, auxiliary drive, traction asynchronous electric motors – 8,800 kW, a traction transformer, compressor equipment, carts, control system equipment. The locomotive will ensure reliable operation on the Transsiberian and Baikal–Amur Mainline, crossing areas with severe climatic conditions.

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