Sound Transit awards Lynnwood LRT extension contract

Sound Transit, the transport agency in Seattle metropolitan area, and Skanska signed a USD 778 million contract for the construction of the Lynnwood LRT extension to Snohomish County.
Under the contract, Skanska will construct 6 km of new guideway alignment from Shoreline to Lynnwood. The project will include 3.5 km of aerial line, two elevated stations and a five story parking with a capacity of 1,500 spaces.
The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2024.
Lynnwood LRT extension will extend the Link system by 13.7 km from Northgate Transit Center in Seattle north into Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood Transit Center in Snohomish County.
USD 3.12 billion is the total value of the project which also includes the procurement of 34 LRVs and the construction of an operations and maintenance facility.
In 2016, Sound Transit awarded Siemens Mobility a USD 624.5 million contract for the supply of 152 new LRVs. Under the contract, the manufacturer will deliver 122 S70 LRVs with an additional option for 30 vehicles. Starting June, Siemens will deliver one and three vehicles per month, with completion of the order being scheduled for 2024.
In June 2019, the agency unveiled the first new S70 LRV which will enter services next year, on Seattle light rail network.

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