Sofia to modernise 40 additional metro cars

Metrowagonmash and Sofia Metro have signed a contract amendment for the modernisation and refurbishment of 40 additional metro cars. The refurbishment will extend the lifecycle of the machines by 15 years.

The contract is based on a framework agreement signed in December 2018 for the modernisation of 8 metro cars, with an option for 40 cars.

In February 2020, the core of the contract was fulfilled, and the eight metro cars were shipped to the customer.

The project will be split into three phases, with the first and second one involving the modernisation of three 4-car trains – 24 metro cars. The third phase includes four 4-car trains, or 16 cars. Each phase will take up to 12 months.

Considering the load on the transit network caused by the trains withdrawn from service for modernisation, the Metrowagonmash intends to shorten the turnaround times while retaining the maximum quality.

The refurbishment and modernisation involve the most equipment, the exterior, and the interior of the trains. The trains will have new wheelsets with anti-skid protection, new coupling mechanisms, fire safety compliant trim materials, injury-free windows, new comfortable seats, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, LED information displays, and warm-to-touch handrails.

The head cars will feature accessibility zones.

Sofia Metro will receive modern metro cars with fresh equipment and updated exterior, improving passenger experience, reducing operational costs, and easing up the maintenance.

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