Singapore: Signalling system trial starts on North-South Line

The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT have started trialing the new signalling system on the North-South Line (NSL). The new signalling system is trialled gradually during operational hours. The signalling system upgrade is part of LTA and SMRT’s on-going efforts to rejuvenate the ageing rail network. It involves upgrading the NSL’s signalling system from the existing Fixed Block System to the more advanced Communications-Based Train Control System.
The new system allows trains to run more closely to each other, which can shorten wait time from the current 120 seconds to 100 seconds, and improve peak-hour capacity by up to 20 per cent while continuing to ensure operational safety.
Since August last year, LTA and SMRT have been conducting extensive tests of the new signalling system during engineering hours to test its robustness. These include running test trains fitted with the new system, adjusting the alignment between train doors and platform screen doors when trains stop at stations, amongst others. Engineers also ran test trains at interchange stations between the NSL and the East-West Line (EWL) to ensure a proper switchover, as re-signalling works are still underway for the EWL.

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