Signalling system commissioned on Deirut section of Beni Suef Assuyt line

Beni Suef Assuyt railwayThe Deirut section of the Beni Suef Assuyt railway line in Egypt has entered transport services as Alstom has completed to install and commission the SIL 4 signalling electronic interlocking system. This included a support system and SCADA that supervises and controls different subsystems, based on its Iconis, TLC system and 11 kv power supply sub-station.

Deirut is one of the longest sections on the line and its connected with Abu Qurqas, El Roda and Mallawi stations which are already in service given over 50 km of line which is fully operative with Alstom’s system including contraflow function.

Adding to the 45 km, the speed can reach up to 160 km/h with a headway of 220 trains per day. Overall, the length commissioned is 100 km with seven stations, 32 level crossings and 160-point machines.

In 2015, Alstom was awarded a EUR 100 million contract to supply the signalling equipment for the 240 km – long Beni Suef-Asyut regional railway line. The contract also includes maintenance for five years.

Under the contract, Alstom was responsible for the delivery of Smartlock solution to replace the existing electromechanical one, as well as a trackside equipment, a power supply and a telecommunication system. Alstom’s solution ensures safety for passengers while increasing the number of trains in circulation on the network by more than 80%.

This is the seventh section of the Beni Suef Assuyt railway project. In October, the Matai section was put into commercial operation after the completion of the signalling and telecommunication systems were deployed.

“We will pursue our long-term partnership in the country to better address the customers’ mobility needs and offer them smart, green and innovative solutions fitting with their expectations” said Mohamed Khalil, Managing Director Alstom Egypt.

Alstom has been a partner to Egypt’s railways since 1971 continuously supporting railway infrastructure development in the country.


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