The 6th section of Beni Suef Assuyt line operates with the new signalling

interlocking signalling systemAlstom has delivered, tested and put into commercial service the new interlocking signalling system on another rail section of the Egypt’s Beni Suef Assuyt railway line.

The project involved the installation of Alstom’s SIL4 electronic interlocking system solution Smartlock 400 GP to the Matai sector on the line linking Beni Suef to Asyut.

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of Egyptian National Railways and by Luca Pastorino, Alstom Egypt BSA Project Director. The inauguration was held on October 15, 2020.

The new buildings, new power supply, new telecom and new SCADA subsystems, ensure effective performance and safe operation of railway traffic at train speeds up to 160 km/hour.

Matai is the sixth sector of Beni Suef–Asyut line to enter commercial service with Alstom’s interlocking signalling system. It is an extended sector of over 18 km and includes two stations, the Matai and El-Kofor with 116 track circuits, 10 SLO (Site Local Operation) cabinets, 6 level crossing, 36-point motors and 79 signals.

In July 2020, Alstom has put into services the fifth section of the Beni Suef – Asyut line, the Mallawi section, that was equipped with the Smartlock 400 GP solution. In November 2019, the French company has also commissioned the Beni Mazar station that was equipped with the new siganlling system. In March 2019, Alstom has commissioned the Smartlock 400 signalling system at the Maghagha central station, the second-equipped section on the line. In 2018, Alstom has commissioned the system at Abu Qurqas station.

With this new milestone, Alstom is putting into service over 80 km of mainline railways in Egypt all operable in contraflow mode.

“I am proud of the dedication of our teams who continue to progress with operations despite the current challenging context. They demonstrate their responsibility towards our clients through presenting agility and adaptability in their ways of working. We remain committed to meet our customer’s expectations and to be an exemplary partner to them” Mohamed Khalil, the Managing Director of Alstom Egypt said.

Egyptian National Railways and Alstom signed a EUR 100 million contract to deliver and install the signalling systems on the 240 km railway line.

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