Siemens and Softil to develop LTE-R communications solutions

Siemens Mobility selected Softil to develop a range of next generation communications solutions for use in Long Term Evolution-Railway (LTE-R) as well as mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) metro applications like underground, tram, buses, and other transport systems.
The mission critical communications (MCX) will support the UIC’s Future Railway Mobile Communications Systems (FRMCS) to build a Global Rail Traffic Management System (GRTMS) for the entire rail industry, bringing significant economic and operational benefits and efficiencies to operators in the process.
The new radio system for the railway industry has to guarantee the interoperability with GSM-R whilst delivering on three main areas such as critical communications, performance communications and business communications.
Siemens Mobility will enable existing GSM-R users to develop a migration plan that will enable all critical communications.
“Siemens Mobility chose Softil’s BEEHD client technology as the outstanding Software Development Kit (SDK) for our developers to build best-of-breed LTE-R communications solutions for the rail industry in the shortest timeframe,” Russell Clarke, General Manager, Mobile Communications at Siemens Mobility, said.
Siemens Mobility adopts Softil’s BEEHD client framework as it is LTE-R compatible and will enable Siemens Mobility’s solutions to deliver stable voice as well as data communications on trains running at speeds in excess of 400km/h. LTE-R technology makes possible live tracking of a train and transmitting railroad information to engine drivers, and also enables multimedia-based group calling and SMS services on top of voice call services. Additionally, real-time communication is made possible between train engineers and control centers.
Softil’s BEEHD IP communications solution is a cross-platform framework (SDK) designed for chipset vendors, device manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and service providers looking to accelerate the development of IP-based voice and video over LTE solutions.

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