SBB inaugurates the first section equipped with ETCS Level2 on the north-south transalpine axis

08-elvetiaSBB has put in circulation the ETCS Level2 system on the Erstfeld – Brunnen railway section. This 19 km long  section is the access route to the northern branch of the tunnel under Mount Saint-Gothard and represents the first section of the new north-south transalpine rail route implemented with the ETCS Level2 system.
Saint-Gothard tunnel, which will be put into operation on December 11, 2016, represents the most important step in the development of the north-south transalpine rail axis. This axis will be complete after the commissioning of the Ceneri tunnel (scheduled for 2020) and after the completion of the 4 m high Corridor (also in 2020).

Source: SBB
Photo: SBB

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