SBB Cargo to install

SBB Cargo selected solution for its operations, trains and staff, as the Swiss operator uses the integrated standard solution IVU.rail to plan, dispatch and deploy its assets.
SBB Cargo transports over 200,000 tonnes of freight by rail right across Switzerland every day, which is handled by around 320 locomotives and 2,200 employees, planned, dispatched and deployed by the transport company via IVU.rail.
The can be flexibly adapted to the respective computing requirements of SBB Cargo. Linked via a secure connection, up to 150 people work simultaneously on the high-availability servers provided by Amazon Web Services. All details of technical operations management from user administration to error handling are closely coordinated with SBB Cargo. IVU engineers have direct access to the so that they can regularly import updates and new releases, thus keeping the system constantly up to date.
“The collaboration with IVU has gone really well. Compared with a local installation, because of the, we arrive at solutions more quickly, and receive patches and new releases from IVU.rail straight after they come out. Instead of coordinating multiple suppliers, we receive the entire service from a single source with the, allowing us to respond quickly to changes and adapt the system flexibly,” Michel Thüring, Head of IT Production at SBB Cargo, said.

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