Sakhalin-Europe transport corridor may compete with Silk Road

SONY DSCAndrei Skoselev, TransSakhalinInvest chief executive, stated that Russia’s new Transsib-2 project, which aims to link the East and Europe, will be able to compete with China’s Silk Road Economic Belt, Sputnik informs.
This is Russia’s new project of a transport mainline from the island of Sakhalin in the country’s far east to Europe. “One should treat all projects fairly, but, of course, for us it is a race. Our project is more remarkable not only in terms of patriotism, but also in terms of geopolitics and macroeconomic effects,” Skoselev said. TSI is a Russian company in charge of the project, called Transsib-2, which aims to link the East and Europe.
Skoselev stressed that TSI has already discussed the options of building a tunnel under La Perouse Strait between the islands of Sakhalin and Hokkaido in order to link Russian and Japanese railway systems.
Transsib-2 will be used for freight transportation only, which could help to avoid technical delays. It will take 10 days to ship cargo from Beijing to Rotterdam. Total cost of the project is estimated at $150-200 billion.


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