RZD subsidiary to purchase 10,000 freight cars

Federal Freight Company (the freight transport subsidiary of Russian Railways) plans to purchase 10,000 open cars in 2018. The announcement has been made by Alexei Taicher, the general manager of Federal Freight Company. According to him, 30,000 such cars will be needed to increase the capacity of the freight rolling stock fleet.

Taicher said that in 2017 the company he manages purchased 22,000 open cars, of which 3,5000 were new.

Federal Freight Company says it would be willing to pay for such open cars (gondola cars) between RUB 1.9 and 2.3 million (USD 32,000 – 38,000). However, the market price for such a new car is RUB 3 million (USD 50,000).

Taicher also said rolling stock manufacturers had showed no interest in reducing the price for a new car in 2018. “Considering the situation, there is no point to purchase new cars, because if we buy them new at such costs, then we will have to significantly increase the prices for our customers for provision of services with such gondola cars. And Federal Freight Company would not burden its customers even more right now”, added Alexei Taicher.

Consequently, most probably, the 10,000 cars will not be new, but refurbished.

Federal Freight Company is one of the largest rail freight transport company in Russia with the volumes of freight amounting to 187 million tonnes in 2016.

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