RZD Logistics doubles Europe-China container shipping volumes

In the first six months of 2017, RZD Logistics in cooperation with its subsidiary company Far East Land Bridge (FELB) increased almost twofold the volume of container shipping in comparison to the same period of the last year. The volume increased 1,8 times to 63,2 thousand TEU.
For the most part (55,9 thousand TEU), these were transit shipments across Europe-China-Europe. The volume of import from China to Russia amounted to 5,2 thousand TEU, of internal shipments – to 1,4 thousand TEU, of export – to 0,7 thousand TEU. The most popular routes in the covered period were Brest-Zabaikalsk, Chungking-Duisburg, Chengdu-Lodz, Suzhou-Warsaw, Duisburg-Chungking and Changsha-Warsaw. In the first half of 2017, RZD Logistics processed 30,5 mln tons of cargo (+5%). The company’s profit in the covered period increased by 37% and amounted to 15,1 bilion rubles (217.1 million euros).
The “RZD Express” service for LCL/LTL cargo transport has also been actively growing: the volume of shipment amounted to 140 000 tons, which exceeds the last year rate by 85%. The number of processed orders grew by 15% to 13,000.
“We have been constantly expanding our services’ portfolio and optimizing the quality of clients’ and partners’ base with the emphasis on individual approach and improvement of our products. Despite high competition within our business segments, RZD Logistics is moving according to its path and offers the market complex services on supply chain management. The first six month’s results demonstrate that this path goes in the right way”, said CEO of RZD Logistics Viacheslav Valentik.

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