Russia tests its strongest locomotive on Baikal – Amur railway

The prototype of the strongest diesel locomotive in Russia, 3E25KM2M, will be tested in October on Baikal – Amur railway, Bryansk Machine-Building Plant (BMZ) company, the producer of this locomotive, announced.

Two of these diesel locomotives have already been built by Bryansk Machine-Building Plant and are now waiting for certification for operation on Russia’s rail network. After getting the certification, one of the two locomotives will be tested on Baikal – Amur railway. BMZ 3TE25KM2M is the first Russian locomotive with three sections and 12,000 horse power. Until its introduction in the market, the strongest locomotives were manufactured by Bryansk Machine-Building Plant, of the 2TE25KM series, equipped with an engine of 7,000 horse power.

The new 3-section locomotives will be used to haul freight trains of over 7,000 tonnes on a distance of up to 2,800 km, such as Taksimo (Buryatia) – Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk Territory) route.

Bryansk Machine-Building Plant said the manufacturing of such a strong locomotive of 12,000 horse power was due to the economic development of Far East Russian regions, leading to the intensification of transport volumes. The locomotives will travel on the non-electrified sections of the Baikal – Amur railway.

The driver’s cab heating system is independent of the one in the electronic control unit. Moreover, all operating systems of the locomotive have been designed while considering the extremely low temperatures in the regions along the Baikal – Amur railway.

BMZ is a member of Transmashholding, the largest rolling stock manufacturer in Russia.

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