Romania: CFR SA prepares the rehabilitation of 629 km of railways

CFR SA“We want to access European funds, more specifically CEF funds and in order to do this CFR SA is preparing major projects such as Cața – Sighișoara Section (47 km), Apața – Cața section (28 km), Brasov– Apața (38 km), Predeal – Brașov (27 km), Craiova –Calafat (107 km), Caransebeș – Craiova (227 km) and Arad – Caransebeș (155 km) sections. All these sections are in the preparation phase. Apart from these, we also have major projects recommended by the General Transport Master Plan which includes Bucharest-Sibiu section via Piteşti and Râmnicu – Vâlcea (with an estimated length of 265 km) and Bucharest-Giurgiu via Grădiştea section (with an estimated length of 59 km). The latter is extremely important for Bulgaria too as it provides link to Henri Coandă Airport. If we manage to develop this project, we are also interested in implementing the Gara de Nord-Airport project, but there is no European financing. The costs are not high because it is necessary to rehabilitate the existing line and to build the double, electrified line and an underground rail station. To that end, we have discussed with representatives of EBRD, WB etc. It can also be implemented via PPP, especially due to its immediate benefits”, declared Mariana Ioniţă, CFR SA Strategy Director at the Railway PRO Railway Technology and Services Forum, an event organised by Club Feroviar on 25-27 February at Poiana Braşov, Romania.
Apart from these projects, CFR SA is now tendering the Km 614 – Barzava (44 km) Section, Barzava – Ilteu (36 km), Ilteu – Gurasada (23 km) and Gurasada – Simeria (42 km) sections.
Also, CFR SA is developing six major projects on the pan-European Corridor IV: Simeria – Vintu de Jos (43 km), finalisation deadline 2016, Vintu de Jos – Coslariu (33 km), for which works are 44% completed and which is due in 2015, Coslariu – Micasasa (37 km), with finalisation deadline in 2015 with works 70% completed. 2015 is also the deadline for Atel – Sighisoara (28 km), with works 55% finalised, Micasasa – Atel (29 km), 56% finalised and Border – Km 614 (41 km), 80% finalised.


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