Progress on Tri-City ports’ rail access project

By the end of 2021, Poland is expecting to complete the railway investment in the Tri-City area involving Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

Works are currently carried out at Północny station in Gdańsk Port to accommodate heavier and longer freight trains. The existing tracks and overhead contact line are being renovated. At Gdańsk Zaspa Towarowa station, a new control center is being built, fitted with new devices and a rail traffic control system. It will allow more efficient and safe operation of a larger number of freight trains directed to the Gdansk port. This will enable handling of longer and heavier warehouses and reloading of more goods. A new drainage system is also being built at the station. On the construction site, 18 km of new rails and over 45,000 sleepers have been laid.

The improving the infrastructure of rail access to the port of Gdańsk includes the reconstruction of 70 km of railway lines, station adjustment, the re-development and expansion of the control system, 13 rail and road crossings and the replacement of 221 switches.

EUR 132.77 million is the value of the project, which is supported by the EU with a contribution of EUR 108.5 million, representing a percentage of 81.75%.

Works at Gdynia Port station are performed, allowing an improved capacity at the port and a reduced time travel for trains entering and departing the port. A new local control center will be constructed, and 356 switches will be assembled.

The project on the improvement of Gdynia port rail access will see 115 km of upgraded and electrified tracks, 13 km of reconstructed roads, as well as a new railway bridge and two rail-road crossings. Station adjustment, re-development and construction of the control centre will positively impact the quality of infrastructure and transport services. EUR 190.86 is the value of this project, which has the European support amounting EUR 162.2 million, representing 85% of its investment.

The PLN 2.6 billion (EUR 609.2 million) investment will improve the railway access to the Gdynia and Gdańsk ports. In total, almost 40 percent is EU co-financing coming from the CEF.

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