Prequalification process begins for two railway projects in Albania

Albanian Railways has launched the prequalification process on the rehabilitation of Durres – Tirana railway line and the construction of a new line to Tirana International Airport. The envisaged time for construction is 30 months from commencement. The prequalification documents delivered until 31 May.
The contract envisages the rehabilitation of the Durres – Tirana Public Transport Terminal (PTT) railway line, starting at KP 0-640 at the head of existing Durres Station Platform until the end of the new Tirana PTT station at KP 32+680. Also, under the contract 5.7 km of a new railway line will be constructed to Tirana International Airport.
The Tirana – Durres single line is at present the busiest section of the Albanian railway network, providing connection of the capital of the country with Durres, the second larger Albanian city, as well with the port of Durres, the major maritime gate of the country to Europe and the rest of the world.
The railway runs through mainly plain terrain, with hilly regions located in the wider Vore area and in Rrashbull featuring in general comfortable geometric characteristics with large radius curves and mild profile slopes for most of its’ development (500m minimum horizontal curve radius and vertical curve radii in excess of 10.000m) which after improvements on the condition of the track and safety issues, would allow train speeds of at least 100 km/h, ideal for regional or suburban passenger rail traffic.
The new single line to Tirana Airport begins at the 27th Km of the Durres – Tirana line by means of triangular at grade rail intersection and terminates within the fence of the Tirana International Airport, in close proximity with the airports’ terminal, by means of a central platform terminal station.

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