Philippines’ President to develop public transport in Manila Metro

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte announced his public transport plans for Manila Metro, to improve the mobility in the region. “The best way really to remedy the situation is to go to mass transport system,” the President said.
He acknowledged that Metro Manila is currently “suffering from lack of mobility,” citing inadequate road network and rising number of vehicles on the streets.
The president explained that more than 600,000 vehicles are sold every year that lead to congestion on the roads. He said the time might come that motorists could no longer move around due to heavy traffic conditions.
Last year, Duterte announced that intends to launch a metro project that will connect the capital’s business districts and the existent public transport systems. Thus, the metro system will complement the LRT system, rapid transit systems, commuter rail and bus.
Mass Transit System Loop (MTSL) is an important project for the transport system of the Philippines and will connect the central districts of Manila Metropolitan Area – Bonifacio Global, Makati, Taguig and Pasay. According to the estimates made by the authorities, the project will respond to traffic needs and will ensure fast connections and transfers to other transport networks, such as light rail line 1, MRT3 transit line, the railway transport network owned by Philippines National Railway and other transport terminals. The new line will include 12 km built underground and the required investments are estimated to approximately USD 8.4 billion.
Within the Open Up the City project, the Department of Transport (DOTC) intends to redefine the structure of Metro Manila and beyond by the development of the urban transport system

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