Operation begins for TMH facility in Germany

maintenance facility The first train of Go-Ahead Bavaria has arrived at the newly built maintenance facility in Langweid where TMH Germany will provide maintenance services under a 12-year agreement.

The contract signed in December 2020, has a value of EUR 250 million and covers the maintenance of a train fleet comprising 78 vehicles.

From December 12, the depot starts serving 22 EMUs and another 56 trains will be handed over to enter transport services in December 2022.

For this project, TMH is investing over EUR 45 million for the construction of one of Europe’s most modern maintenance depots in Germany.

“We are pleased that the first train of Go-Ahead Bavaria has arrived at our new maintenance facility. Together with our local construction partners, we have completed the first workshop halls in record time,” Klaus Eberhard Hock, the Managing Director TMH Germany said.

On 12 December, Go-Ahead Bavaria will start operations with 22 trains on the E-Netz Allgäu connecting Munich to Lindau via Memmingen. TMH will then immediately start operational maintenance. More trains will follow next year when operations start in December 2022 on the Augsburg network.

At the beginning of December, the maintenance team of TMH Germany moved from the interim workshop at Bahnpark Augsburg to the new workshop hall in Langweid am Lech. The maintenance facility has been specifically designed to perform all activities that the contract includes.

“We at Go-Ahead congratulate our partners from TMH Germany on the start in their Langweid depot. It’s good to have them on our side”, Gordon Lemke, the Technical Business Manager, at Go-Ahead Bavaria added.

One of the most modern depots in Germany was built from scratch in less than a year. By mid-2022, the construction of the second and third halls will be completed.

After completion of the second construction phase in summer 2022, the new facility will include three halls, covering 9,000 m² of workshop space, 2,000 m² of logistics space and 1,500 m² of office space.

The depot will have sufficient capacity for other rail operators. As one of the few manufacturer-independent service providers, TMH Germany focuses on the maintenance of all types of rolling stock and offers light and corrective maintenance, as well as wheel reprofiling.

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