TMH to maintain Go-Ahead Bavaria trains

Go-Ahead Bavaria fleetTMH International signed a 12-year contract for the maintenance of Go-Ahead Bavaria fleet consisting of 78 electric trains. The company will provide maintenance services from 2021 under a EUR 250 million contract.

Under the contract, the company’s maintenance activities consist of inspections and small repairs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and overhaul. It will also perform heavy and corrective maintenance works, including regular overhauls of the main equipment. Two flexible repair teams will be on duty around the clock and the 24/7 technical hotline will support Go Ahead staff in operation. In addition, TMH International will take over the procurement of spare parts and depot management.

“Our philosophy of the international expansion strategy involves a comprehensive policy under which we serve the customer from the closest possible area. This approach, together with the flexibility and experience of our international team, turned out to be the decisive factor in winning this contract,” Kirill Lipa, the CEO of Transmashholding.

The Go-Ahead Bavaria fleet that will be serviced by TMH International specialists at the train maintenance facility, which will be built in Langweid municipality in the district of Augsburg. The facility will be specifically designed for the execution of the contract. The company will also launch the recruitment process for 40 locally employees.

Go Ahead has already received the necessary approvals from the Langweid municipality for the construction of the maintenance facility and Go-Ahead transferred the relevant area to the TMH International. The maintenance services at the new depot are planned to start in the summer of 2022 well before the Augsburg network goes into operation. It is expected that up to four trains will enter the depot daily and all the work carried out will strictly comply with the European standards and requirements.

The Bavarian public transport authority BEG and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport commissioned Go-Ahead Bavaria to operate the Augsburge regional transport network in southern Bavaria and in neighboring Baden-Württemberg area. The railway operator will start the transport services from December 2021 until December 2034. The transport services will be provided by the 280 passenger coaches.




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