ONCF to receive the first Prima M4 locomotive

The first Prima M4 locomotive of the 30 vehicles for Morocco’s railway company ONCF has been delivered. While the 30 locomotives will be manufactured by Alstom at its Belfort plant, testing, the warranty service and maintenance will be ensured by Alstom team in Morocco.

The 30 Prima M4 locomotives have a nominal power of 5.5 MW, a maximum operating speed of 160 km/h and operate under 3 KV DC voltage.

They are equipped with ETCS level 1, require minimum maintenance and provide a high reliability level with low lifecycle cost thanks to the modular design.

In 2018, Alstom and ONCF signed a EUR 130 million contract for the supply of 30 Prima locomotives.

Six French sites are participating in the production of the locomotives, while the ETCS components are produced in Madrid.

Since 2011, 20 Prima locomotives have been successfully in service in Morocco.

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