ÖBB RCG renames its Polish subsidiary

Rail Cargo Carrier – Poland is the new name of ÖBB Rail Cargo’s Polish subsidiary, through which the Austrian operator is now providing its own traction services across Poland.

The Polish company was previously known as Rail Time Polska. The company was purchased in the autumn of 2019. With this acquisition, ÖBB RCG has expanded its network into twelve European countries.

With about 234 million tonnes, with approx. 54 billion-tonne km in 2017, Poland is the second largest rail freight market in Europe and offers growth potential for the ÖBB RCG.

In addition, Poland is connected to two important freight corridors, while is also playing an increasingly important role in transport system to and from China.

With its own carrier in Poland, ÖBB RCG now forms the bridge on freight corridor 8 for transport services from the North Sea ports to Poland, Russia and on to Asia. Furthermore, the rail logistics provider ensures the connection of Polish industrial centres to the Adriatic ports and Southern Europe via Freight Corridor 5.


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