Nexus invites bidders for Tyne and Wear Metro new fleet

Nexus, which owns and operate Tyne and Wear transport system (metropolitan county in the North East England), invited bidders to design and build the new Tyne and Wear Metro fleet train and the depot for Metro.
On June 8, Nexus started the process by issuing a Selection Questionnaire that will result in a contract being awarded by the end of 2019. The potential bidders should respond to the detailed questionnaire by 9 July.
Under the contract, de winner will be asked to design, build and maintain a fleet and maintenance facilities that will serve Metro over the next 35 years, including building and running a new depot at the existing site in Gosforth, Newcastle. The successful bidder will also be responsible for maintaining the current fleet of trains and to ensure there is a smooth transition between the old and new fleet.
Nexus intends to replace its fleet starting 2021, estimating to purchase 42 trains (84 carriages) at a value of £362 million (EUR 410 million). The Government has committed £337 million (EUR 381.6 million) towards the cost of new train fleet, with a £25 million (EUR 28 million) contribution coming from Nexus.

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